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Bring Summer Camp to the office! Blog Feature

By: finnspin on June 18th, 2015

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Bring Summer Camp to the office!

Team Building Games | Company Culture

Here at The Go Game, we're all about bringing more play and connection to the world. So when we learned about Camp Grounded, we felt that a natural partnership was bound to form.

To kick off that partnership, we became a sponsor for this year's camp, sent a few of our awesome team members to check it out, and brought our infamous zorb balls with us for a little fun.

Going to camp got us thinking about small ways YOU can bring some summer camp fun to your own office:

  1. When you need to create nametags, use a superhero name or a nickname instead of your own. I mean, wouldn't you smile if someone introduced herself to you as Beyonce(not ironically)? Or "Always Hungry"?
  2. Stage an office chair race at lunch.
  3. "Stealth-disco" a coworker on a conference call: Sneak behind an unsuspecting colleague and dance behind them while another coworker takes a quick video on their phone.
  4. Take a quick play-break for trivia (there are lots of great questions online).
  5. Buy a hula hoop and keep it near your desk. If you absolutely can't leave your computer because you're expecting an urgent email, or you're a salesperson who answers phones, then you can simply stand up and hula hoop for 2 minutes. It's not only fun, but over time your abs will look AMAZING.
  6. To show one of your coworkers that you appreciate him or her, make a simple scavenger hunt that takes that person around the office. You can leave paper clues in planters, under someone's keyboard, behind the coffee machine, or taped to a bathroom stall. Finish it off with a small gift, like a hand-written card that expresses your gratitude to be able to work with them.