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Work got you tired? Or tired of work? Blog Feature

By: finnspin on April 4th, 2014

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Work got you tired? Or tired of work?

Whether you were out all night partying like a rock star or if work is just riding you too hard. Either way, the fact that you actually made it into work is quite the achievement these days. Which is why this iPhone app was made for you. Check out the iNap@Work. Now you can rest easier and people on the other side of your cube walls will never know the difference.
Just adjust a few settings and it will sound like your just as busy as I am.

I don't care if your boss or coworkers find you lying in a pool of drool on your desk, if someone finds you wave that flag proud. Tell them you were stimulating the economy by downloading it and if they don't find it at least mildly entertaining then they are probably a terrorist.